Fieldwork at the Drentsche Aa: ‘Hier moeten we zijn’


Posted on: 24/01/2018

A Dutch philosopher who joined me once on a fieldwork day at the Drentsche Aa.

Fieldwork at the Drentsche Aa (Source: Jasper Candel)

Bas Nabers's blog post

Here we should be, I said. Through Bas’ eyes, a strange place, a pretty random corner in the meadow. For me, it is the place where the answer to my question is hidden in the grass. Bends, how do they form in small streams? Read more about the one-day fieldwork in the following blog (in Dutch).

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How do bends form in peat-land streams?

Jasper Candel

We propose a conceptual model to explain the origin of bends in peatland streams to better inform stream restoration.

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