Resource Newsletter | Drilling into the past: A new explanation for bends in peatland streams

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Posted on: 08/03/2017

“How do bends form in rivers that have very little energy and very strong banks of peat? How did these bends form over the last 12.000 years? There is a whole world below your feet that can unravel this mystery”

Jasper Candel and his research on low-energy rivers was featured twice (March/2017 and June/2017 editions ) in the Dutch magazine Resource from the Wageningen University. The articles were so successful that were also published for the online edition of the magazine H2O for Dutch water professionals and the website of the natural park where the study took place (National stream Drentsche Aa ). Fieldwork insights and novel theories that were found by drilling into the past are told for everyone who wants to know more about it. Read more about the news articles (in Dutch).

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How do bends form in peat-land streams?

Jasper Candel

We propose a conceptual model to explain the origin of bends in peatland streams to better inform stream restoration.

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