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Posted on: 31/10/2017

RiverCare participates at various types of international events for water professionals to give insights about our programme and create new connections.

Amsterdam Water Week: A platform for sharing ideas and solutions

Every year Amsterdam hosts the International Water Week (AIWW), one week full of activities for sharing ideas and solutions, and to discuss and open possibilities for collaboration about the way we look at water-related risks.

Snapshot from the AIWW event (Source: http://internationalwaterweek.com/)

The event is organised by several parties including the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), the International Water Association (IWA) and the Amsterdam municipality. It brings together an international audience representing research, policy, industry, and technological innovations. In the opening ceremony, even the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte explicitly spoke about the importance of jointly addressing the water related challenges.

Overall, the AIWW Conference 233 conference speakers in 25 sessions. A two-days event conference was hosted within those sessions, Denie Augustijn (RiverCare coordinator) and Nick Leung (Export possibilities project) were present on the first day (Oct 31st):

  • Denie gave a presentation about the Rivercare program in the case session “Redesigning river basins (IRBM) & transboundary design”.  We introduced our work to this new audience by releasing the second RiverCare promotional video that features researchers monitoring the river and its floodplain.
  • The event was particularly useful to establish contacts with WaterWindow, a Dutch platform where water and climate solutions such the ones proposed by RiverCare can be found. Thereby, a RiverCare related about the longitudinal training dams is already featured.
  • Overall, the event was good for sharing and networking, but it also focused a lot on water technology related topics. This is further away from what we look at within Rivercare. It might still be worthwhile to be there again for the next edition in 2019.

Latest events with a more specific audience

In the meantime during the first semester of 2018, RiverCare researchers actively shared their progress with a more specific audience by attending the following events:

Overall the number of publications and dissemination efforts is growing. We are looking forward for next year events when almost all of the Rivercare output will be already available.

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