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Turning the tide: dynamics of channels and shoals in estuaries with sand and mud

Channel-shoal dynamics in estuaries result from geomorphological processes and human interference, for which experiments and numerical models were built

How are the large-scale patterns and changes of tidal channels and banks in estuaries linked to small-scale processes of sediment transport? What are the effects of dredging on these, and how do such disturbances move through the channel network depending on where dredged material is dumped?

The aims were to better understand and model these processes and communicate them to policy makers, managers and the general public, especially schoolchildren. New models and data from the field and from experiments now provide a better understanding of patterns and dynamics at three scales: the sediment transport processes, the channels and banks and entire estuaries. Effects of dredging on large-scale patterns and dynamics and on the habitats of key ecosystems have been demonstrated in models, data and experiments in an innovative laboratory facility, the Metronome, and quantified using a new code to identify gully networks. Possible effects of increased turbidity and of sea level rise were predicted and explained with generic models. Mini-Metronomes have been placed at various locations around the country to teach technology.

List of publications

Academic publications

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