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Theme Project 1: Governance


The Governance project monitors scientific coherence and programmatic aspects of (inter)national scientific collaborations and ensures the achievement of the utilisation objectives and the overall added value of the programme. The program leader and management team of SALTISolutions (Virtual Delta Development Team, VDDT in short) ensures innovations are put into practice and programmatic objectives are met.

Project description

SALTISolutions will be managed by a program manager who will be appointed at the start of the program. The program manager takes account of the needs of different stakeholders, and understands the scientific needs, as well as the needs of industry. The program manager will be a member of the VDDT and works under the supervision of the program leader. The profile of the program manager is to co-ordinate the program activities, to monitor collaboration between researchers and users. The program leader, together with the program manager, will co-ordinate all program activities and meet the project leaders on a regular basis to monitor the individual project progress and the progress of the program as a whole.

The users have been deeply involved in the design of the program since the starting phase. The programmatic structure, definition of main scientific topics, the digital twin approach and the final product as deliverable of this program – the Virtual Delta – have been developed in close collaboration with the (end)users and scientists, to ensure innovations are put into practice and programmatic objectives are met. In the final stage of SALTISolutions the Virtual Delta will be tested on data together with users. The SPC monitors scientific progress in the projects and the scientific cohesion of the complete program, and the SPC co-ordinates permanent alignment of the eight research projects over the full running period of SALTISolutions. The PUC oversees user requirements, monitors development of the utilisation plan, coordinates program activities and site visits.

Program leader

Prof. dr. J.D. Pietrzak

Program managers

Mw. J. Grootveld

Mw. M. Coonen

Scientific Program Committee (SPC)

Prof. dr. H.J.H. Clercx

Prof. dr. ir. Ton Hoitink

Prof. dr. ir. H. A. Dijkstra

Prof. dr. S.J.M.H. Hulscher

Prof. dr. ir. S.G.J. Aarninkhof

Prof. dr. ir. Mascha van der voort

Prof. Dr. J.C.J. Kwadijk

Program User Committe (PUC)

Dr. ir. W.M. Kranenburg

Ir. L. Hulsen

Drs. M. Spijker

Dr. F. Groenendijk

Ir. K. Poels - chair

Joris den Uijl

T. Vijverberg

Prof. J.D. Pietrzak

Prof. dr. J.D. Pietrzak

Delft University of Technology


Last modified: 17/06/2022