The goal of SALTISolutions is to develop the Virtual Delta, to support both operational and crisis water management, and reliable long-term projections for policy decision-making to maintain healthy deltas in which population can thrive and unique nature can be preserved and enhanced. This requires developing new knowledge on different spatial and temporal scales and in different scientific disciplines.

The research projects have been organized in three main groups “Salt Intrusion Across Scales” in which the projects further our understanding of the system and improve the modelling across scales, “Nature-Based Solutions” in which projects focus on proposing novel building with nature solutions for salt intrusion, and “The Virtual Delta” where all the knowledge comes together, including a game to interact with stakeholders. Within each of these three categories, there is a very strong multidirectional interaction between the projects. Short descriptions of the SALTISolutions projects are given below. The deliverables were defined in joint meetings with all consortium partners and are designed for rapid implementation, in an open source software environment. The SALTISolutions subjects and deliverables connect to typical strengths of Dutch industry in hydraulic and eco-engineering and water management.

The organization and the coherence between projects

Last modified: 27/09/2021