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Theme Project 8: Fostering stakeholder engagement through the Delta Management Game


Decision making regarding delta management involves dealing with inherent uncertainties and variability as well as with the complexity of various stakeholders and their interests. This project will deliver the Delta Management Game, a gaming environment that supports stakeholders in decision making and to enhance social learning. Next to the development, this project will evaluate how playing the game enables stakeholders to: (1) gain a better understanding of the delta system; (2) learn about the perspectives of other stakeholders; and (3) contribute to building relationships and trust between stakeholders.

Project description

In this project the Delta Management Game (DMG) will be developed that: (1) disseminates knowledge developed in SALTISolutions; (2) brings models outside the expert domain by developing a tangible, easy to use interface; and (3) provides a safe experimentation environment in the form of a game. To inform decision making within the DMG, an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) will be developed that supports stakeholders in assessing and comparing different mitigating solutions for salt intrusion. The DMG, with the underlying IAM, will be incorporated in the Virtual Delta (P9).

Work packages and research questions

The project addresses the central objective of developing the Delta Management Game. During development focus will be on: (WP8.1) identifying key indicators for decision making; (WP8.2) developing a salt intrusion Integrated Assessment Model (IAM) based on the models developed in WP 9; and (WP8.3) on designing the interaction with the gaming environment aimed at enhancing social learning.

Project deliverables

  • Overview of stakeholders and key indicators to manage salt intrusion in delta systems (WP 8.1)
  • A serious gaming environment to support stakeholders in decision making regarding salt intrusion (WP 8.1)
  • An Integrated Assessment Model regarding the mitigating solutions of salt intrusion in delta systems (WP 8.2)


Project leader

Prof. dr. ir. Mascha van der voort


Prof. Dr. J.C.J. Kwadijk

Prof. dr. J.D. Pietrzak

PhD candidates & Postdocs

Robert-Jan den Haan

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Prof. dr. ir. Mascha van der voort


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