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WP2.1 – Parameterization of NHS phenomena

Status: Active

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Cem Bingol

Eindhoven University of Technology

Parameterization of NHS phenomena

Main objectives of WP2.1

  • Determine the role of turbulence and NHS phenomena on the propagation of oscillating salt wedges and their dependence on system characteristics.
  • Characterize and quantify the effect of different levels of NHS parameterization on the ability to predict the propagation and retraction of a salt intrusion.
  • Apply capabilities to handle large datasets from numerical simulations to acquire and analyse velocity and density statistics and (cross) correlations for stochastic modelling and uncertainty predictions.

Last modified: 20/06/2022

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Cem Bingol

Eindhoven University of Technology


Introduction: Cem Bingol

18/11/2021 by Cem Bingol

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