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WP5.2 – Future projections of salt intrusion

Status: Active

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Prof. dr. ir. H. A. Dijkstra

Utrecht University

Future projections of salt intrusion

In this subproject, we will determine projections of future salt intrusions over the next decades due to climate change and human interventions. A necessary aspect of these projections is the atmospheric and oceanic forcing, e.g. precipitation and sea level, which are being provided by large-scale climate models. The major objectives of subproject 5.2 are therefore:

  • Provide scenarios of future local forcing conditions (e.g., sea level, temperature) and their uncertainty based on downscaling of the climate change projections (CMIP5/CMIP6 simulations).
  • Make projections (plus estimates of uncertainties) of future salt intrusion in specific regions over decadal time scales.
  • Study the effects of human interventions made during a certain period on the long-term salt intrusion to investigate whether these measures are ‘climate proof’.

Last modified: 27/09/2021

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Prof. dr. ir. H. A. Dijkstra

Utrecht University

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Increasing risks of extreme salt intrusion events across European estuaries in a warming climate

31/01/2024 by Jiyong Lee et al.

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Bevat: climate-change impacts environmental impact hydrology physical oceanography


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