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WP6.3 – Modelling ecomorphodynamics of estuaries subject to Nature-based SALTISolutions

Start: 2020-03-01
End: 2024-03-01
Status: Active

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Rutger Siemes

University of Twente

Modelling ecomorphodynamics of estuaries subject to Nature-based SALTISolutions

We integrate insights of WP6.1 and 6.2., on estuarine sand dunes and wetlands, into idealized estuarine models. Herein we will assess how sand dunes and wetlands affect development of an entire estuary. The next step is to evaluate the impact hereof on large-scale estuary wide salt intrusion. This will be performed for contemporary climates as well as for projected climate changes using a ‘snap-shot’ modelling framework. Specific research questions are:

  • How to model development of Nature-based SALTISolutions on the spatial scale of an entire estuary? How do these solutions affect development of the entire estuarine system?
  • What is the impact of these Nature-based SALTISolutions and their development on estuarine saltwater intrusion?
  • How does a changing climate affect both estuarine development and salinity intrusion?
  • And can we develop a climate-assessment tool using coupled numerical- and data-driven models?

Last modified: 17/06/2022

Contributing researchers

Rutger Siemes

University of Twente

Project outputs

Morphological Response of a Highly Engineered Estuary to Altering Channel Depth and Restoring Wetlands

11/11/2023 by Rutger Siemes et al.

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Bevat: channel deepening estuarine management morphology numerical modeling wetland restoration