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Bridging gaps between river science, governance and management

NCR Days 2015 Book of Abstracts

The Netherlands Centre for River Studies (NCR) has been established on October 8th 1998. It is a collaboration of nine Dutch research institutes with the goal to enhance cooperation in
the field of river-related research. An important activity of NCR is to organize the NCR-days, an annual conference organized in rotation by the institute members. The 2015 edition of the
NCR-days is organized in Nijmegen by the Institute of Water and Wetland Research (IWWR) and the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (ISIS) of Radboud University.

We invited six international renowned scientists/practitioners to elaborate on the key question of the NCR-days 2015: How to bridge gaps between river science, governance and
management? Prof. Hans de Kroon, director of the IWWR (Radboud University), gives the opening speech. He discusses how past, current and future IWWR research may contribute
to river research and river management. Dr. Tom Buijse (Deltares) illustrates how the interdisciplinary EU REFORM programme contributes to tools for cost-effective restoration of
river ecosystems and improved monitoring of the biological effects of physical change by investigating natural, degradation and restoration processes in a wide range of river types
across Europe. Prof. Hervé Piegay (University of Lyon) elucidates feedbacks on interdisciplinary research in riverine sciences, based on 35 years of experiences and involvement of four generations of river scientists in Eastern France. Prof. Maarten Kleinhans (Utrecht University) presents novel experimental and modelling approaches to unravel biomorphodynamics of river estuaries and to predict past and future, large-scale effects of climate change.

Prof. Suzanne Hulscher (University of Twente) discusses progress in RiverCare. This large research programme of NCR partners aims at a better understanding of fundamental processes that drive ecomorphological changes in rivers, predict the intermediate and long-term developments and develop best practices to reduce
the maintenance costs and increase the benefits of interventions. It is funded within the Perspective Programme of the Dutch Science and Technology Foundation (STW) and
supported by many public and private partners.

The keynote of Eric Schellekens MSc from ARCADIS focuses on the implementation of fundamental and applied river science in sustainable management measures, while using high level solutions, approaches for adaptive stakeholder participation, frontrunner knowledge and expertise, and experiences beyond the core ‘technical’ scope. He provides food for thought on bridging the gaps between river science, governance and management in the international water market.

The usual sessions consist of 20 oral presentations and 13 poster pitches. These contributions are a sample of the current river research and focus on ecological, hydrological,
morphological and socio-economic studies, including theoretical, experimental and (integrative) modelling approaches. We hope to offer two inspiring NCR-days with a
programme that yields much discussion, novel ideas and new opportunities for cooperation. We would like to thank the Behavioural Science Institute (Radboud University) for providing
the poster displays, all members of the NCR programme committee, Koen Berends (secretary of the NCR programme committee), Monique te Vaarwerk (secretary of the NCR,
University of Twente), Lizette Donders and Vera Janssen (Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, Radboud University), Gina Delmee and Marianne Uijt de Haag (Department of
Environmental Science), and our co-organisers Jan Fliervoet, Remon Koopman, Swinda Pfau and Laura Verbrugge for their immense support during the organisation of these NCR
Days. Last but not least, the financial support of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is greatly acknowledged.


Rob Lenders, Frank Collas, Gertjan Geerling and Rob Leuven

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Lenders, H.J.R, F.P.L. Collas, G.W. Geerling, R.S.E.W. Leuven (Eds.)



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