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Dutch River Management in International Perspective

NCR Days 2012 Book of Abstracts

Dear NCR colleagues and guests!

The Netherlands Center for River Studies (NCR) aims to provide an open platform for all people interested in scientific research and communication on river issues. Also, NCR wants to connect
research with policy-development and actual day-to-day maintanance of the main rivers and channels in the Netherlands, which is one of the key-tasks of Rijkswaterstaat. One of it’s main activities is the organisation of the NCR-days, a 2 day conference at a nice spot along one of the rivers in the Netherlands. On these days, key-note speakers elaborate on the main theme, and (young) researchers present their work on rivers. Besides, these days provide an excellent oppertunity to exchange ideas and experiences as well as come to new initiatives.

The main theme of the NCR-days 2012 is: Dutch River Management in Internationale Perspective. We hope to give you an overview of aspects of internationale river management and discuss differences and similarities with the way we approach river management in the Netherlands. What can we learn from the apporaches in different countries, and where is the Dutch approach indeed a blessing (sometimes in disguise?). Apart from this theme, the program this year allows for interesting contributions on the general theme of NCR: hydraulic studies, morphology, ecology and (perhaps most important) the interaction between these fields. During the NCR-days, the new web-site is launched. You are all invited to have a look at (note – this site no longer exists), and are encouraged to visit the site regularly to check for the state of the art on (Dutch) river studies and river management issues.

The NCR-days 2012 are organised by the Centre for Water Management-Rijkswaterstaat. Dr. R. Schielen (Centre for Water Management, scientific program) was responsible for the scientific
program, and the organisation was in the capable hands of J. Mans (Deltares) and Bureau Routine. It is my expectation that the oral and poster presentations, combined with the informal contacts during the meeting will strengthen the cooperation and will be the birth of many new initiatives which will tackle the major challenges in river issues!
I wish you all a fruitful and productive meeting! Enjoy!

Arnhem, October 2012.
Max van den Berg, Chairman NCR-Program Committee
Ralph Schielen, Chairman NCR days 2012.

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