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NCR Days 2010

NCR Days 2010 Book of Abstracts

Dear NCR colleagues and guests,

The Netherlands Centre for River Studies (NCR) aims to provide an open platform for all people interested in scientific research and communication on river issues. One of its activities is to organize the NCR-Days once a year. On two consecutive days scientists present their ongoing river studies, in order to maximize the exchange of ideas and experiences between the participants and to provide the researchers a stage for their study approach and preliminary results. Based on these contacts they can improve their approach and possibly establish additional co-operation. In the book before you, all the extended abstracts for the NCR-days 2010 are presented.

In addition to the NCR-days, the NCR partners organize thematic days that cover specific areas of interest and are low budget and open access venues. They take place throughout the year and the
initiative can be taken by anyone: just email us! The NCR-Days 2010 are focused on four main subjects:

1. Sediment budgets and depositional patterns in the Dutch delta (session 1)
2. Biogeochemistry and ecomorphology of rivers under global environmental change (session 2)
3. The “Delta model” of Deltares that is currently being developed (plenary discussion)
4. Alignment of scientific research and knowledge urgently needed for river management issues derived from international research agendas, EU directives, and national policies (workshop).

The NCR-Days 2010 are organized by a scientific committee consisting of Gertjan Geerling (Deltares), Esther Stouthamer, Hans Middelkoop and Marcel van der Perk (all of Utrecht University)
in cooperation with Jolien Mans (secretariat NCR), Juul Beltman (secretariat Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University) and Bureau Routine. I truly hope and expect that the oral and poster presentations and particularly our informal contacts during this meeting will strengthen our cooperation and will guide us in our future efforts to tackle the major challenges on river issues. With respect to climate change and the proposed measures along all our rivers this will be even more relevant than ever before.

I wish you all a most enjoyable and productive meeting!

Utrecht, October 2010

Gertjan Geerling,
Programme secretary NCR

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