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Tomorrow’s Rivers

NCR Days Book of Abstracts 2024

Welcome to the 25th edition of the NCR Days, the annual meeting of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR). This year, the NCR Days are hosted by Wageningen University and Research, and has the theme Tomorrow’s Rivers. The theme is inspired by the project Rivers2Morrow, which is a central NCR project where all partners participate. NCR partners are united to prepare for the effects of land use and climate change on the river landscape, which requires the joint effort of scientists, engineers, and practitioners.

Four of the six session topics this year can be considered traditional: river restoration and nature-based solutions, short- and longterm morphdynamics, modelling and monitoring, and integrated river management. Then we have the topic ‘transport of sediment and plastics’, which welcomes contributions from the growing research community focusing on micro and macro plastics. Finally, we have contributions on the physics of estuaries, where we stretch the NCR focus area towards the coast. We hope the new topics in NCR are here to stay.

We have found four keynote speakers to be willing and able to envision Tomorrow’s Rivers from various perspectives. Ir. Tim van Hattum from Wageningen Environmental Research will set out his keynote around the central question: “How can decision- and policy-makers inspire and be inspired to lead the transformation towards a nature-based future?” Prof. Frans Klein from Deltares and TU Delft dispraises an over simplified engineering perspective on river management, and calls for a geo-ecosystem perspective on river management in which hydraulic, morphological and ecological feedbacks are addressed. Dr. Anne van Loon from VU Amsterdam offers a plea for a socio-hydrological approach to managing the river system, which is needed to cope with extremes. The NCR Days will be closed by Dr. Alessandra Crosato from IHE Delft, who will summarize the main factors governing river morphology, and explore how rivers may adapt to climate change.

As a local organizing committee, we are happy that our meeting will be fully in person. We thank the NCR Program Secretary Anna van den Hoek and Koen Berends for their support during preparations. The NCR Days are financially supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

We wish you a very pleasant stay in Wageningen!

Iris Niesten, Nazwa Tahsin, Derk van Grootheest, Hermjan Barneveld, Kryss Waldschläger and Ton Hoitink

Wageningen, February 2024

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