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Rivers in an uncertain future

NCR Days 2021 Book of Abstracts

Welcome to the 23rd edition of the NCR-days, the annual meeting of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR), this year organized by the University of Twente on 11 and 12 February
2021. For the first time in its history the NCR-days are held online.

Currently, we live in uncertain times. The global Covid-19 pandemic puts stress on society and our personal lives and forces the NCR-days to be held online. At the same time, the effects of climate change are increasingly felt by society and pose serious concerns for the future. Not only may we face increasingly high discharges, but also more intense periods of droughts, which can create stress on various river functions. This puts scientists and river managers in front of the challenge to deal with both the inherent complex behaviour of rivers and the climate change uncertainty, now and even more so in the future. Therefore, the theme of the NCR-days is this year: Rivers in an uncertain future.

We present to you an exciting program with three excellent keynote speakers. Koen Blanckaert (Vienna University of Technology) will speak about riverine inflows in lakes, which are sources of nutrients, organic matter, oxygen, contaminants and sediment. Tatiana Filatova (University of Twente) will talk about the role of individual decisions in shaping patterns of risk and in adapting to climate change. Finally, Matthijs Kok (Delft University of Technology) will focus on flood risk along rivers and measures to reduce flood risk in an effective way. In the program, we have 20 oral presentations organized around the 6 themes of the NCR-days 2021: Advances in river modelling, Ecological sustainability in rivers and estuaries, Threats for river functions, Sediment Management and measures, Small-scale river dynamics, and Long-term river behaviour and morphology. Additionally, we have 14 poster presentations with a variety of topics organized randomly in 2 poster sessions.

All keynote lectures, oral presentations (prerecorded and live) and 1-minute poster pitches will be available on the NCR Vimeo channel after the conference. In between the oral and poster sessions, we have two social sessions where you can meet colleagues in an informal way and maybe even discover some hidden talents of yourself, or of others.
The organization of the NCR-days is grateful for the financial support of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and the J.M. Burgerscentrum – Research School for Fluid Mechanics.
Additionally, we thank Koen Berends and Anna Kosters, secretary and interim secretary of the NCR programme committee, and Anke Wigger, Dorette Olthof, Lieke Lokin, Matthijs Gensen
and Luuk van Laar for their great help and support in setting up and running a smooth online conference.

We hope you will enjoy the presentations, discussions and interaction during the NCR days
2021. All the best and stay safe and healthy.

Jord Warmink
Anouk Bomers
Vasileios Kitsikoudis
Pepijn van Denderen
Fredrik Huthoff

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Warmink, J.J., Bomers, A., Kitsikoudis, V., van Denderen, R.P., Huthoff, F. (eds)



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