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Benthic species as mud patrol ‐ modelled effects of bioturbators and biofilms on large‐scale estuarine mud and morphology

Muriel Z.M. Brückner, Christian Schwarz, Giovanni Coco, Anne Baar, Márcio Boechat Albernaz, Maarten G. Kleinhans - 2021 - Estuaries shaped by biomorphodynamics, inherited landscape conditions and human interference
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms



Laying bare systemic river bed changes in the river Rhine

Huthoff, F., van Denderen, P., & Paarlberg, A. - 11/02/2021 - RiverCare
It is important to link cause-and-effect relations between bed response and their dominating triggers. This is particularly important in highly-engineered navigable rivers, where multiple influences from close-by and further away can obscure the dominating causes of local bed level changes, and thereby possibly point in the wrong direction when it comes to sustainable river management practices.

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Rapidly migrating secondary bedforms can persist on the lee of slowly migrating primary river dunes

J.Y. Zomer S. Naqshband B. Vermeulen A.J.F Hoitink - 11/02/2021 - Rivers2Morrow
JGR Earth Surface

Compensating human interventions at a river bifurcation

Gensen, M. R. A., Warmink, J. J., Huthoff, F., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. - 11/02/2021 - All-Risk
Impact of river interventions under a range of discharges and roughness conditions to possibly counteract the feedback mechanism between water levels and discharge at a bifurcating river.

Subsite Conference proceedings

Nieuwsbrief rivierkundig onderzoek - januari 2021

Matthijs Boersema, Anke Becker - 11/02/2021 - KPP River research
Overzicht van onderzoeken uitgevoerd in 2019 en 2020

Rivers in an uncertain future

Warmink, J.J., Bomers, A., Kitsikoudis, V., van Denderen, R.P., Huthoff, F. (eds) - 03/02/2021
NCR Days 2021 Book of Abstracts

Late Holocene flood magnitudes in the Lower Rhine river valley and upper delta resolved by a two‐dimensional hydraulic modelling approach

Bas van der Meulen, Anouk Bomers, Kim M. Cohen, Hans Middelkoop - 11/01/2021 - Floods of the Past, Design for the Future
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Rivierbodemdynamiek meenemen in het ontwerp van maatregelen

A.J. Paalberg, Robert Pepijn van Denderen, Ralph Mathias Johannes Schielen, Dionysius C.M. Augustijn - 01/10/2020 - RiverCare
In the Dutch Waal river, the bed topography of the navigational channel is measured bi-weekly. In a so-called TKI-project (cooperation between Rijkswaterstaat, HKV and Twente University) we use this data to link morphological changes to specific interventions in the river. This is not a straightforward as it may seem, because the morphological changes are the sum of small scale changes due to e.g. the presence of groynes, medium scale changes coming from the intervention and large scale changes coming from engineering measures in the (far) past to which the profile is still adjusting. A so-called wavelet analysis can be used to disentangle these different scales and enables us to focus only on the morphological changes due to the intervention. This improves river operations and maintenance and in the future also to facilitate the planning of new measures to minimize morphological impact.

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A Bayesian hindcasting method of levee failures: The Breitenhagen case

Kool, J.J., Kanning, W., Jommi, C., Jonkman S.N. - 03/09/2020 - All-Risk
Het terugrekenen van dijkfalen om zo de meest waarschijnlijke oorzaak te achterhalen op basis van beperkt informatie.

Subsite Publication open access journal

A Bayesian hindcasting method of levee failures: The Breitenhagen case

Kool, J.J., Kanning, W., Jommi, C., Jonkman S.N. - 03/09/2020 - All-Risk
Hindcasting of prior and posterior probabilities of failure using limited observations and photos of the geometry of the slope, with the goal of finding the most likely cause of failure.

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Modelling the wave overtopping flow over the crest and the landward slope of grass-covered flood defences

van Bergeijk, V.M.; Warmink, J.J.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H. - 02/07/2020 - All-Risk
Een nieuw gedetailleerd model om de belasting van overslaande golven op de dijk bekleding te berekenen en inzichten te verkrijgen in hoe de belasting veranderd langs het profiel.

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