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Niesten et al. - 2024 - Publications
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Exploring the mechanisms that govern the spatial and temporal trends of suspended sediment in the Rhine basin

28/02/2024 - Rivers2Morrow

Subsite Samenvatting

Developing a Model to Study the Climate Change Impact on River Bifurcations in Engineered Rivers

28/02/2024 - Rivers2Morrow

Subsite Abstract

Investigating drivers of the ecological functioning of the Common Meuse

28/02/2024 - Rivers2Morrow

Subsite Abstract

Increasing risks of extreme salt intrusion events across European estuaries in a warming climate

Jiyong Lee, Bouke Biemond, Huib de Swart, Henk A. Dijkstra - 31/01/2024 - SALTISolutions

Subsite climate-change impacts environmental impact hydrology physical oceanography

Reviving Europe's rivers: Seven challenges in the implementation of the Nature Restoration Law to restore free-flowing rivers

Twan Stoffers, Florian Altermatt, Damiano Baldan, et al. - 30/01/2024
WIREs e1717

Salt intrusion and effective longitudinal dispersion in man-made canals, a simplified model approach

Bouke Biemond, Vincent Vuik, Paula Lambregts, Huib E. de Swart, Henk A. Dijkstra - 24/01/2024 - SALTISolutions

Subsite dispersion parametrization freshwater management ghent-terneuzen canal idealized modeling salt intrusion

Accuracy assessment of numerical morphological models based on reduced Saint-Venant equations

Barneveld, H.J., E. Mosselman, V. Chavarrías & A.J.F. Hoitink - 15/01/2024
Water Resources Research, Vol.60

Challenges in the attribution of river flood events

Scussolini, P., L. N. Luu, S. Philip, W. R. Berghuijs, D. Eilander, J. C. J. H. Aerts, S. F. Kew, G. J. van Oldenborgh, W. H. J. Toonen, J. Volkholz and D. Coumou - 09/01/2024
WIREs Climate Change: e874

Accuracy Assessment of Numerical Morphological Models Based on Reduced Saint-Venant Equations

H. J. Barneveld, E. Mosselman, V. Chavarrías, A. J. F. Hoitink - 18/12/2023 - Rivers2Morrow
In this paper we investigate under which conditions numerical morphological models can be simplified to speed up simulations, and still provide accurate predictions of riverbed dynamics. We show that popular simplified models based on the quasi-steady approach are highly accurate for Froude numbers up to 0.7, probably even for long river reaches with large flood wave damping. We provide diagrams (see example below) for assessing the accuracy of simplified models (quasi-steady and diffusive wave) for various combinations of Froude number, sediment transport and dimensions of riverbed waves.

Subsite Publication

The Effect of Sediment Transport Models on Simulating River Dune Dynamics

L. R. Lokin, J. J. Warmink, and S. J. M. H. Hulscher - 04/12/2023 - Rivers2Morrow

Subsite Publication