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Eki Liptaiy

TU Delft


Possible approaches for using groyne field nourishments to mitigate river bed erosion based on field measurements and model results.

Motivation and Practical Challenge

In the Netherlands, executing sediment nourishments to mitigate bed degradation is a relative new practice. Recently, pilots have been performed where nourishments were placed in the summer bed at several locations. Another suitable location for these nourishments could be the groyne fields, as placement here will not form an obstruction for shipping. To research this, pilot nourishments in three different groyne field clusters have been executed.

My goal is to understand how these nourishments will develop.

Research Challenge

What are the physics behind the behaviour of groyne field nourishments? Can we model this behaviour? How can these nourishments be scaled?

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Last modified: 21/03/2024

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Eki Liptaiy

TU Delft

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A Field Study on Groyne Field Nourishments

28/02/2024 by Eki Liptaiy

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