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Anthropogenic Rivers: NCR DAYS 2022 Book of Abstracts

Astrid Blom, Laura M. Stancanelli, Jelle A. Dercksen, Clàudia Ylla Arbós, M. Kifayath Chowdhury, Shelby M. Ahrendt, Carolina Piccoli, Kees Sloff, Jill H. Slinger & Ralph M.J. Schielen (eds.) - 2022 - Publications
Welcome to the 24rd edition of the NCR Days, the annual meeting of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR), hosted by Delft University of Technology. Organized around the theme “Anthropogenic Rivers”, this year’s NCR Days will take place on 13-14 April 2022 in a hybrid format, in person in Delft as well as online.



Application of geo-statistics and pairwise established CPTbased correlations for line infrastructure

Lengkeek, H. J., Jonkman, S. N., & Kanning, W. - - All-Risk
A method to use CPT and laboratory tests to calculate characteristic values, on the basis of pairwise established CPT-based correlations. We illustrate the method in six cases accounting for regional and local variations, failure extent and availability of local CPTs.

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RiverLab – the numerical experimental facility for river research

- Rivers2Morrow
The RiverLab is set up as the numerical experimental facility to work together on software and models for research related to river behavior and dynamics. It is not just a model development platform - It’s a community.

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Advies om de juridische status van waterveiligheidsnormen onder de omgevingswet

W.J. van Doorn-Hoekveld, H.K. Gilissen, F.A.G. Groothuijse & H.F.M.W. van Rijswick - - All-Risk
Het huidige recht geeft niet altijd duidelijk antwoord op vragen die in de praktijk bestaan, maar dit staat de realisatie van een dergelijke innovatie meestal niet in de weg.

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A sediment budget for the Rhine-Meuse estuary: importance of dredging and the North Sea sediment flux

- Rivers2Morrow
In this research, a sediment budget is created for the Rhine-Meuse Estuary (RME) located in the West of the Netherlands for the period 2000- 2018. This budget is also juxtaposed with previous budgets for the area to see how the current sediment budget compares

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Global Sensitivity Analysis of Groundwater Related Dike Stability under Extreme Loading Conditions

van Woerkom, T.; van Beek, R.; Middelkoop, H.; Bierkens, M.F.P. - - All-Risk
To improve the understanding of groundwater related dike-stability, we performed a global sensitivity analysis on a comprehensive hydro-stability model. Dike stability is mostly dependent on the dike slope, followed by the type of subsurface material. Interaction between the dike and subsurface material is important too, as it influences both groundwater conditions and dike stability directly.

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Report Synthesis Rivers2Morrow

- Rivers2Morrow
In this synthesis report, more information can be found regarding the Rivers2Morrow Program and it's projects.

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Life cycle greenhouse gas benefits or burdens of residual biomass from landscape management

- RiverCare
Residual biomass from landscape management can contribute to both greenhouse gas benefits and burdens, depending on the application.

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Global Sensitivity Analysis of Groundwater Related Dike Stability under Extreme Loading Conditions

van Woerkom, T.; van Beek, R.; Middelkoop, H.; Bierkens, M.F.P. - - All-Risk
Om de kennis over grondwatergerelateerde dijkstabiliteit te vergroten, hebben we een globale gevoeligheidsanalyse uitgevoerd op een uitgebreid hydro-stabiliteitsmodel. Dijkstabiliteit is vooral afhankelijk van de helling van het talud, gevolgd door het type materiaal. Ook de interactie tussen dijk en ondergrond is van belang, omdat deze direct invloed heeft op zowel de grondwaterstanden als de dijkstabiliteit.

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Rapport Synthese Rivers2Morrow

- Rivers2Morrow
In dit synthese rapport is meer informatie te vinden over het Rivers2Morrow Programma en de bijbehorende projecten.


A regularization strategy for the two-dimensional active layer model

- Rivers2Morrow
We propose a different regularization strategy that guarantees that the two-dimensional active layer model is well-posed. We implement the two-dimensional regularization strategy in Delft30-FM and apply it to an idealized case and a field case.

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