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Extended Einstein’s parameters to include vegetation in existing bedload predictors

José A.Bonilla-Porras Aronne Armanini, Alessandra Crosato - 2021 - Publications



Re-evaluating safety risks of multifunctional dikes with a probabilistic risk framework

Marijnissen, R., Kok, M., Kroeze, C., & van Loon-Steensma, J. - 10/04/2019 - All-Risk
An additional step to the basic assessment allows estimating the probability of the presence and absence scenario of nature and housing for the reinforcement of a typical Dutch river dike for flood safety.

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Re-evaluating safety risks of multifunctional dikes with a probabilistic risk framework

Marijnissen, R., Kok, M., Kroeze, C., & van Loon-Steensma, J. - 10/04/2019 - All-Risk
Een extra stap binnen het standaard beoordelingskader om de faalkans in te schatten van een rivierdijk met natuur en woningen.

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A regularization strategy for modeling mixed-sediment river morphodynamics

Chavarrías, V., Stecca, G., Siviglia, A., Blom, A., 2019. - 05/04/2019 - RiverCare
Approach to improve the prediction capabilities under which the most common model does not provide a unique solution.

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Nieuwsbrief rivierkundig onderzoek - maart 2019

Arjan Sieben, Frans Buschman - 01/03/2019 - KPP River research
Deze nieuwsbrief geeft een overzicht van activiteiten die in 2018 zijn uitgevoerd.

Land of Rivers

Stouthamer, E., Middelkoop, H., Kleinhans, M., Van der Perk, M., Straatsma, M. (Eds.) - 31/01/2019
NCR Days 2019 Book of Abstracts

Residual biomass from Dutch riverine areas—From waste to ecosystem service

Bout, A.E., Pfau, S.F., Krabben, E. van der, Dankbaar, B. - 18/01/2019 - RiverCare
We provide information on biomass applications and type of contractual arrangements for using residual riverine biomass as ecosystem service.

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Residual Biomass: A Silver Bullet to Ensure a Sustainable Bioeconomy?

A. E. Bout, S. F. Pfau, E. van der Krabben & B. Dankbaar - 20/12/2018 - RiverCare
Using residual biomass, such as grass and wood chips, as a resource instead of treating it as waste is not automatically more sustainable.

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Uncertainty quantification of flood mitigation predictions and implications for decision making

Berends, K. D., Straatsma, M. W., Warmink, J. J., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. - 14/11/2018 - RiverCare
For six typical interventions along the river Waal, we show that the choice between interventions can be different when relative uncertainty is taken into account.

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Predicting effects of ship-induced changes in flow velocity on native and alien molluscs in the littoral zone of lowland rivers

Koopman, R., Collas, F. P. L., Breure, A. M., Lenders, R., van der Velde, G., & Leuven, R. S. E. W. - 12/11/2018 - RiverCare
Shipping increases local flow velocities thereby potentially decreasing species richness of freshwater mussels and snails which in turn affects ecosystem functioning and services.

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On evaluating social learning outcomes of serious games to collaboratively address sustainability problems: A Literature Review

R. J. den Haan & M. C. van der Voort - 12/11/2018 - RiverCare
This systematic review examines how serious games are evaluated in relation to social learning.

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