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Which of the major challenges in Houston could we tackle together with Dutch expertise?

27/09/2021 by Matthijs Kok

Matthijs Kok (TUDelft) interviewed Dr Charlie Penland, principal at the engineering firm Walter P in Houston, with 21 USA and five international offices. Charlie's...

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From working in exploration projects to playing in an orchestra: Tips for science-practice collaboration

04/03/2021 by Juliette Cortes Arevalo

Roula Dambrink and Maartje van Dijk, are the All-Risk former and current program officers from the Netherlands Organisation of scientific research (NWO). They both...

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Joint HWBP and All-Risk effort to make maximum use of the results of the sheet pile test in Eemdijk

31/01/2021 by Matthijs Kok

The paths of Matthijs Kok (program leader of All-Risk), Arny Lengkeek (advisor geotechnical engineering with 20 years of experience and PhD student in All-Risk...

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Interview with Jan Hateboer (Fryslân water board): dike reinforcement requires area-based collaboration

28/01/2021 by Martijn van Staveren

Jan Hateboer (project manager at Fryslân water board) shares in an interview with Martijn van Staveren (All-Risk researcher) his experiences with the implementation of...

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Bringing All-risk to practice: Martin’s recommendations

08/10/2020 by Wim Kanning

This blog is based on an informal interview between Martin Schepers (manager flood safety projects) and Wim Kanning (All-Risk researcher) on the development of...

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Workable water management – experiences on interdisciplinary collaboration

28/09/2020 by Monica Lanz

Lawyer Marleen van Rijswick and engineer Matthijs Kok are working together on workable innovations in water management. On this blog, they share the experiences...

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What is the legal transition about?

18/06/2020 by Monica Lanz

Following the blog about the risk-based approach, here we provide insights into the coming 'Omgevingswet' or Environment and Planning Act. This new framework makes...

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What does the risk-based approach mean?

18/06/2020 by Monica Lanz

Much has been talked about the new Dutch safety standards that came legally into place. For you to know what is this legal legislation...

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