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Dijkwerkersdag 2022 – Towards Improved Flood Defences

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the annual Dike Day will take place in theatre Spant! in Bussum. The research team of All-Risk will take...

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Reflection: Looking beyond reinforcement

Implementing large-scale infrastructure projects for flood risk management requires good collaboration between water authorities, municipalities, landowners and societal organisations.

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Reflection: Data-driven dike enforcements – Constructive feedback from new and historical sources

The technical assessment of dike reinforcement projects in the Netherlands is flooded with data. Before, during and after dike reinforcements, a lot of data...

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Reflection: Foreshores – useful for manageable flood safety or just beautiful nature?

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, salt marshes were mainly created for agriculture in the North of the Netherlands. More recently, we have...

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Reflection: Risk-based inspection and interactions between failure mechanisms

Safety standards of flood defences are based on probabilities of flooding. Using a variety of failure models and statistical methods, we try to assess...

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Reflection: Macro stability – better parameters or models or do we need to reinforce the dikes?

Macro instability of the inner slope is an important failure mechanism that has a large influence on the costs of dike reinforcements and their...

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Reflection: Towards a realistic approach of resistance against wave overtopping

Wave overtopping results in a high hydraulic load on the dike cover and can lead to erosion of the grass cover. The overtopping research...

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Reflection: Better mapping of the subsurface

How can we make better use of subsurface information to improve the parameter estimates of models that determine the occurrence of piping, slide flow...

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Reflection: The biggest flood risk in the rivers – bifurcation points or piping?

Flood risk along the Rhine branches: Flood risks along the major rivers continuously demand our attention. During this All-Risk webinar, we called attention to...

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Reflection: Double Dikes, twice the protection with twice the responsibility?

During the All-Risk webinar, the questions were discussed on how a double (twin) dike can contribute to flood risk protection, and what the division...

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NCR Lecture: A system perspective on flood defence reinforcement projects

Wouter Jan Klerk talked on the NCR December's lecture about the Dutch flood probability standards, and how he works to optimise the way we...

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All-Risk Users Day (Gebruikersdag)

With about 70 participants, seven speakers and four parallel sessions we reflected on the All-Risk progress with interested dike professionals 'dijkwerkers'. Here you can...

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