By working into 18 projects along five themes, we investigate how to reinforce flood defences faster and cheaper while considering the legal and governance aspects of the implementation to:

The A and E themes integrate the findings of the other All-Risk themes into the overall risk framework and the implementation cases.

  • Improve the risk assessment by reducing the uncertainty of the estimated flood probabilities (theme A) through the understanding of the spatial and temporal hydraulic loads (theme B), subsoil characteristics (theme C), and the strength of flood defences (theme D).
  • Evaluate the design of innovative reinforcement measures throughout entire dike sections for improving the ecological benefits and landscape utilization (themes A to D).
  • Develop legal and governance arrangements that clarify responsibilities and legal rights of local stakeholders to support the implementation (theme E).

Explore the full list below to read about each project! We gladly share our progress and welcome your input for the last two years of research.

We are translating the All-Risk website to make our research more accessible to the water professionals in the Netherlands. Read about all themes on this English site or explore theme A on the Dutch site.

Last modified: 09/11/2020