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Geological framework for assessing variability in subsurface piping parameters underneath dikes in the Rhine-Meuse delta, the Netherlands

T.G. Winkels, K.M. Cohen, S.M. Knaake, H. Middelkoop, E. Stouthamer - 2021 - All-Risk
Stroomafwaartse verfijning van D50 dekzandwaarden wordt veroorzaakt door dalingen in het specifieke stroomvermogen. Sedimentvererving, door omwerking van pre-deltaïsch zand, veroorzaakt lokale variaties in D50 topzandwaarden.
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Implementing participatory monitoring in river management: The role of stakeholders' perspectives and incentives

Verbrugge, L.N.H.; Ganzevoort, W.; Fliervoet, J.M.; Panten, K. and Born, R.J.G. van den - 15/06/2017 - RiverCare
Evaluating the potential implications of river interventions for local residents, recreational fishermen, boaters and shipping professionals: the perfect starting point for a participatory monitoring project!

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Nieuwsbrief rivierkundig onderzoek - februari 2017

Arjen Sieben, Frans Buschman - 01/02/2017 - KPP River research
Deze nieuwsbrief geeft een overzicht van een aantal activiteiten die in 2016 zijn uitgevoerd

From Catchment to Delta

Hoitink, A.J.F., de Ruijsscher, T.V., Geertsema, T.J., Makaske, B., Wallinga, J., Candel, J.H.J., Poelman, J. (Eds.) - 01/02/2017
NCR Days 2017 Book of Abstracts

A stakeholder’s evaluation of collaborative processes for maintaining multi-functional floodplains: a Dutch case study

Fliervoet, J. M., van den Born, R. J. G., & Meijerink, S. V. - 30/01/2017 - RiverCare


Oblique aggradation: a novel explanation for sinuosity of low‐energy streams in peat‐filled valley systems

Candel, J. H. J., Makaske, B., Storms, J. E. A., & Wallinga, J. - 07/12/2016 - RiverCare
We inform stream restoration in peat-filled valleys by looking at the relative position of the erodible material to explain the origin of the stream bends in the Drentsche Aa area.

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From implementation towards maintenance: sustaining collaborative initiatives for integrated floodplain management in the Netherlands

Fliervoet, J. M., & van den Born, R. J. G. - 06/07/2016 - RiverCare
this article explores how stakeholders shape collaborative initiatives aimed at maintaining multifunctional floodplains.

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Nieuwsbrief rivierkundig onderzoek - December 2015

Arjen Sieben, Frans Buschman - 01/12/2015 - KPP River research
Deze nieuwsbrief geeft een overzicht van de activiteiten die in 2015 zijn en worden uitgevoerd.

Bridging gaps between river science, governance and management

Lenders, H.J.R, F.P.L. Collas, G.W. Geerling, R.S.E.W. Leuven (Eds.) - 02/10/2015
NCR Days 2015 Book of Abstracts

Analyzing collaborative governance through Social Network Analysis: A Case Study of River Management Along the Waal River in The Netherlands

Fliervoet, J. M., Geerling,G. W., Mostert, E., Smits, A.J. M. - 01/09/2015 - RiverCare
We mapped the connections between organizations involved in flood protection and nature management in the Waal River and explored the consequences of abolishing the central actor in these networks.

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NCR Days 2014

D.C.M. Augustijn, J.J. Warmink (eds.) - 02/10/2014
NCR Days 2014 Book of Abstracts