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Failure probability by wave overtopping over grass-covered and damaged dikes

Published on 03/03/2021 by van Bergeijk, Vera M.; Warmink, Jord J.; Hulscher, Suzanne J.M.H.

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Vera van Bergeijk

University of Twente

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(a) Small cliff at a damaged spot results in an additional load. (b) Photo of damage during the overtopping test at St. Philipsland resulting in a small cliff (Bakker et al. 2011).

Innovative components

The effects of transitions and damages on the dike cover erosion by overtopping waves are often neglected in the assessment of grass-covered dikes. We developed a new probabilistic framework to calculate the failure probability by wave overtopping along with a dike profile where these effects can be included. Damages result in an additional load as the water flows over the cliff and impacts on the dike cover. The data of overtopping tests is used to determine this additional load at damages.

Implications to practice

We show that damages to the dike cover, such as an animal burrowing or an erosion hole, resulting in the removal of the grass cover and increasing the failure probability significantly

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