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Anthropogenic Rivers: NCR DAYS 2022 Book of Abstracts

Astrid Blom, Laura M. Stancanelli, Jelle A. Dercksen, Clàudia Ylla Arbós, M. Kifayath Chowdhury, Shelby M. Ahrendt, Carolina Piccoli, Kees Sloff, Jill H. Slinger & Ralph M.J. Schielen (eds.) - 2022 - Publications
Welcome to the 24rd edition of the NCR Days, the annual meeting of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR), hosted by Delft University of Technology. Organized around the theme “Anthropogenic Rivers”, this year’s NCR Days will take place on 13-14 April 2022 in a hybrid format, in person in Delft as well as online.



Dealing with Floods within Constraints

N. Douben, A.G. van Os (Eds.) - 01/07/2004
NCR Days 2003 Book of Abstracts

Current themes in Dutch river research

R.S.E.W. Leuven, A.G. van Os, P.H. Nienhuis - 01/10/2003
NCR Days 2002 Book of Abstracts

From sediment transport, morphology and ecology to river basin management

E. Stouthamer, A.G. van Os - 01/12/2001
NCR Days 2001 Book of Abstracts

Het begin van een nieuwe reeks

A.F. Wolters, C.J. Sloff, E.C.L. Marteijn (Eds.) - 01/12/2000
NCR Days 2000 Book of Abstracts

Monitoring floodplain vegetation change at river-reach scale

van Iersel, W.K., Addink, E.A., Straatsma, M.W. & Middelkoop, H. - - RiverCare
A method to quickly detect where floodplain vegetation changes occur and to which vegetation class did they change.

Subsite Publication

Advies om de juridische status van waterveiligheidsnormen onder de omgevingswet

W.J. van Doorn-Hoekveld, H.K. Gilissen, F.A.G. Groothuijse & H.F.M.W. van Rijswick - - All-Risk
Current law does not provide a clear answer to decisive questions that exist in practice, but usually this does not hinder the realization of such an innovation.

Subsite Report

Application of geo-statistics and pairwise established CPTbased correlations for line infrastructure

Lengkeek, H. J., Jonkman, S. N., & Kanning, W. - - All-Risk
A method to use CPT and laboratory tests to calculate characteristic values, on the basis of pairwise established CPT-based correlations. We illustrate the method in six cases accounting for regional and local variations, failure extent and availability of local CPTs.

Subsite Conference proceedings

RiverLab – the numerical experimental facility for river research

- Rivers2Morrow


Advies om de juridische status van waterveiligheidsnormen onder de omgevingswet

W.J. van Doorn-Hoekveld, H.K. Gilissen, F.A.G. Groothuijse & H.F.M.W. van Rijswick - - All-Risk
Het huidige recht geeft niet altijd duidelijk antwoord op vragen die in de praktijk bestaan, maar dit staat de realisatie van een dergelijke innovatie meestal niet in de weg.

Subsite Report

A sediment budget for the Rhine-Meuse estuary: importance of dredging and the North Sea sediment flux

- Rivers2Morrow
Sediment budgets are an important tool that can be used to summarize the complex sediment dynamics that occur at the fluvial-tidal transition. Estuaries and deltas form at this transition and their morphology and hydrodynamic processes are directly decided by the amount of sediment present. The amount of sediment present is determined by inflowing rivers, sediment transported and moved by the tides and by direct human intervention. Sediment budgets encompass these diverse processes and allow for direct annual comparisons of the net gain or loss of sediment in a given region. A net loss of sediment leads to a myriad of problems including increased flood risk, damage to or loss of ecologically valuable areas and bed level degradation of channels.