Project C

C) Regional water systems

Regional river systems draining into major rivers are an important, but often overlooked component of the Dutch drainage system. As a project group, we focus on these regional river systems to:

  • get a quantitative understanding of their morphodynamic and hydrological functioning to contribute to the design and construction of stream restoration projects.
  • understand how these regional systems interact with the larger rivers. Stream interventions that affect drainage characteristics and/or sediment transport will affect the larger rivers that such river system is draining into.
  • try experimental building with nature approaches in small systems prior to large-scale implementation in the larger rivers.

Supervisory team

dr. ir. Ton Hoitink

prof. dr. Maarten Kleinhans

Contributing partners

Rijkswaterstaat Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA

Witteveen+Bos Engineering and Consulting

Wageningen University & Research

Utrecht University

NWO Applied and Engineering Sciences

Last modified: 01/06/2018

Project leader

prof. dr. Jakob Wallinga

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