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In memoriam of those who once contributed to RiverCare

11/06/2018 by dr. ir. Denie Augustijn

In a four years period (2014-2019), there have been certainly many people who contributed to our work. However in 2018, two people passed away...

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Side channel dynamics from the perspective of four-years research

17/06/2019 by Pepijn van Denderen

Side channels are common river interventions, but how do they develop and how fast do they fill with sediment?

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How to use biomass from riverine areas? Two projects, two approaches, one PhD journey

17/06/2019 by Swinda Pfau

A transdisciplinary approach to sustainable biomass use: combining green house gas emission calculations and interviews with river managers.

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Follow the pretty pebbles

01/06/2017 by Victor Chavarrias

Victor's research aims at predicting how the river will behave if water management authorities consider to add sand to the river.

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Framing collaborative governance: Looking back and forward this PhD journey

12/03/2018 by Jan Fliervoet

First RiverCare PhD thesis. An interdisciplinary journey to understand the framing on the maintenance of Dutch floodplains.

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The rivers of the future initiative is taken up

30/01/2018 by dr. Ralph Schielen

RiverCare is now well on its course and is delivering great results. Rijkswaterstaat is involved in all user committees and tries to incorporate the...

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