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Theme D) Sediment nourishment

This project aims at improving predictions of channel response to sediment management measures in sand-gravel rivers such as the Dutch Rhine, and to provide tools for effective design of nourishment and dredging measures. More specifically, the objective is:

  1. to assess techniques for efficient long-term modelling of morphodynamic changes;
  2. to assess the range of conditions for the which current numerical models are ill-posed;
  3. to develop a regularization method as well as a sound physically-based model to solve for ill-posed problems

Project leader

dr. ir. Astrid Blom

Delft University of Technology

Supervisory team Robert Jan Labeur

Delft University of Technology

dr. Ralph Schielen

Rijkswaterstaat Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Prof. dr. ir. Wim Uijttewaal

Delft University of Technology


Last modified: 11/01/2019