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Boundary conditions and dike reliability assessment using the Material Point Method (MPM)

Published on 08/01/2019 by Remmerswaal, G., Hicks, M., & Vardon, P.

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Guido Remmerswaal

Delft University of Technology

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Rotational slope failure mechanisms for homogeneous dykes with slightly different initial cohesion: (a) no failure for ci = 48 kPa; (b) initial slope failure for ci = 47 kPa; (c) flooding for ci = 46 kPa. Source: Remmerswaal et al (2019)

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These publications show the current work on the implementation of non-trivial boundary conditions (BCs) for improving the general applicability of the Material Point Method (MPM). The boundary conditions assumptions allow the detection of the material boundary and the distribution of the applied load to the nodes of the background mesh of geotechnical problems such as dike failure due to slope instability.

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  • Remmerswaal, G., Hicks, M.A., Vardon, P.J. (2019) Slope Reliability and Failure Analysis using Random Fields, in The Material Point Method for Geotechnical Engineering: A Practical Guide (ed.) J. Fern, A. Rohe, K. Soga, Eduardo Alonso, New York, pp. 287-296.

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