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Integrated coastal flood design strategies: changing paradigm in flood risk management

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Published on 08/10/2021 by Iuorio, L. & Bortolotti, A.

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Luca Iuorio

Delft University of Technology

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Innovative components

A team of urban designers, hydraulic engineers, and marine archaeologists developed the Vlissingen and Southend-on-sea pilot spatial visions discussed in this paper. The aim was to explore alternative models of coastal management and planning. Accepting water overtopping, using temporary dikes, and implementing changes in land use and building regulation are taken as main principles and translated into spatial actions to reduce overall flood risk in these cities.


Implications to practice

In Vlissingen, the spatial vision will impact an empty but spontaneously vegetated area called “Spuikom”, once connected with the nearby harbour that has been partially filled after the 1970s to allow the construction of new buildings and parking lots.

In the Southend-on-Sea the spatial vision adapts the area as a retention basin for excess water in the case of extreme events, while the existing and enhanced drainage network is used to drain the area at the end of the storm.

Making space for water. The visions have been developed within the Sarcc project, TU Delft team: F. Hooimeijer, D. Wüthrich, Q. Ke, A. Bortolotti, L. Iuorio.

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Publication open access journal

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