Double Dike

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Applying an extended probabilistic risk assessment framework and giving legal advice.


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North coast (NL)

Practical challenge

The Double Dike is an innovative project that is part of the reinforcements on the north Dutch coast. In this project, a second dike is constructed in the hinterland. Together, the two dikes ensure the flood protection. The Double Dike is not only suitable for flood safety. It also presents opportunities for clay mining, saltwater agriculture, nature and recreation. If you’re interested, we invite you to read more about this project on the website of the ‘POV Waddenzeedijken’.

Expected research outcomes

All-Risk (project A2) is extending the probabilistic risk framework to compare and assess the shared-use of flood defences, that will be applied to the Double Dike case. How are the dike designs adapted for additional functions such as clay mining and salt marsh development? The aim is to explore which risks or synergies these functions present for dike safety. Furthermore, questions were raised about the distribution of legal responsibilities. Therefore, AllRisk (project E1) advised the Regional Water Authority Noorderzijlvest in the Double Dike case.