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All-Risk Users Day (Gebruikersdag)

Posted at 27/09/2019 by Wim Kanning

With about 70 participants, seven speakers and four parallel sessions we reflected on the All-Risk progress with interested dike professionals 'dijkwerkers'. Here you can find the presentations of this meeting (in Dutch) and download the report with the research summaries (in English).

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Wim Kanning

Delft University of Technology

The All-Risk program works intensively with the dikeworkers ‘dijkwerkers’ in the HWBP, the Flood Protection Program. The ambition of the Users Day is to stimulate even more cooperation. The program coordinator, Matthijs Kok (TU Delft) welcomed the about 70 participants among partners and researchers and several topics were discussed during the day. The morning session started with the following presentations (in Dutch):

Introduction and welcome presentation by the AllRisk program coordinator.

  1. The role of research in the Dutch flood protection program by Erik Wagener (HWBP);
  2. The opportunities and challenges at modern dike reinforcements by Martin Schepers (WS Rivierenland);
  3. (How) does the new risk based approach work? by Bas Jonkman (TU Delft);
  4. Fear to legally regulate the foreshores (Leggervrees) by Niels Roode (RWS) and Willemijn van Doorn and Herman Kasper Gilissen (U-Utrecht);
  5. Experiences from the Eemdike sheet pile wall test by Arny Lengkeek (TU Delft);
  6. An alternative way to approach wave overtopping by Vera van Bergeijk (UTwente);
  7. Governance and participation in flood risk management by Martijn van Staveren (WUR) and Emma Avoyan (Radboud Universiteit).

After the morning session and a lunch, various parallel sessions were organised. In each session a problem was approached from multiple perspectives by the AllRisk researchers so that all partners could reflect on the findings. In many sessions this resulted in a fruitful discussion between attendees who appreciated the wide scope of All-Risk, the intention to work together with practice (e.g. Regional Water Authorities, consultancy firms, research institutes). The participants could attend two of the following sessions:

Researchers of the last interactive session who talked about the Wadden sea reinforcement from the legal perspective, the dike protective elements against typical dike failures, the saltmarshes development and the seawaves propagation (Photo by Marleen van Rijswick).

  1. Better reinforcement of the dike. How can we more effectively reinforce, design and judge dikes? by Wouter Jan Klerk (A), Bas Knaake (C), Arny Lengkeek (D), Guido Remmerswaal (D), Joost Pol (D).
  2. Better measurements of the dike and subsoil. How can we improve our use of measurements? by Wim Kanning (A), Matthijs Gensen (B), Juan Chaves (C), Mark van der Krogt (D)
  3. Better reinforcement adjacent to dikes. How can we optimally involve the immediate surroundings of the dike? By Yuka Yoshida (A), Richard Marijnissen, Beatriz Marin (B), Teun van Woerkom (C), Martijn van Staveren (E), Herman Kasper Gilissen (E).
  4. Better reinforcement in the Wadden Sea area. How can we improve our work in the Wadden Sea area? By Chris Lasley (B), Vera van Bergeijk (D), Weiqui Chen (D), Emma Avoyan (E), Willemijn van Doorn (E)

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If you want to know more about the progress that we discussed that day, download the report with the research summaries: Two years All-Risk: working with the new flood risk approach (in English).

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