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Towards 2048: the next 25 years of river studies

Verberk, Wilco C.E.P., Collas, Frank P.L., Geerling, Getjan W., Peterstorf, Marie-Charlott (eds.) - 2023 - Publications
NCR Days Book of Abstracts 2023



Current themes in Dutch river research

R.S.E.W. Leuven, A.G. van Os, P.H. Nienhuis - 01/10/2003
NCR Days 2002 Book of Abstracts

From sediment transport, morphology and ecology to river basin management

E. Stouthamer, A.G. van Os - 01/12/2001
NCR Days 2001 Book of Abstracts

Het begin van een nieuwe reeks

A.F. Wolters, C.J. Sloff, E.C.L. Marteijn (Eds.) - 01/12/2000
NCR Days 2000 Book of Abstracts

Poster "Mid-century Channel Response to Climate Change in the Lower Rhine River"

- Rivers2Morrow

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Poster (Engels) "Saved or starved? The importance of sediment management in determining the future response of estuaries and deltas"

- Rivers2Morrow


Monitoring floodplain vegetation change at river-reach scale

van Iersel, W.K., Addink, E.A., Straatsma, M.W. & Middelkoop, H. - - RiverCare
A method to quickly detect where floodplain vegetation changes occur and to which vegetation class did they change.

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Advies om de juridische status van waterveiligheidsnormen onder de omgevingswet

W.J. van Doorn-Hoekveld, H.K. Gilissen, F.A.G. Groothuijse & H.F.M.W. van Rijswick - - All-Risk
Current law does not provide a clear answer to decisive questions that exist in practice, but usually this does not hinder the realization of such an innovation.

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Application of geo-statistics and pairwise established CPTbased correlations for line infrastructure

Lengkeek, H. J., Jonkman, S. N., & Kanning, W. - - All-Risk
A method to use CPT and laboratory tests to calculate characteristic values, on the basis of pairwise established CPT-based correlations. We illustrate the method in six cases accounting for regional and local variations, failure extent and availability of local CPTs.

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RiverLab – the numerical experimental facility for river research

- Rivers2Morrow
The RiverLab is set up as the numerical experimental facility to work together on software and models for research related to river behavior and dynamics. It is not just a model development platform - It’s a community.

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Poster "Channel Bed Erosion Characteristics at the Upper Dutch Rhine Bifurcation Region"

- Rivers2Morrow

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