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Towards 2048: the next 25 years of river studies

Verberk, Wilco C.E.P., Collas, Frank P.L., Geerling, Getjan W., Peterstorf, Marie-Charlott (eds.) - 2023 - Publications
NCR Days Book of Abstracts 2023



Dealing with Floods within Constraints

N. Douben, A.G. van Os (Eds.) - 01/07/2004
NCR Days 2003 Book of Abstracts

Current themes in Dutch river research

R.S.E.W. Leuven, A.G. van Os, P.H. Nienhuis - 01/10/2003
NCR Days 2002 Book of Abstracts

From sediment transport, morphology and ecology to river basin management

E. Stouthamer, A.G. van Os - 01/12/2001
NCR Days 2001 Book of Abstracts

Het begin van een nieuwe reeks

A.F. Wolters, C.J. Sloff, E.C.L. Marteijn (Eds.) - 01/12/2000
NCR Days 2000 Book of Abstracts

Global Sensitivity Analysis of Groundwater Related Dike Stability under Extreme Loading Conditions

van Woerkom, T.; van Beek, R.; Middelkoop, H.; Bierkens, M.F.P. - - All-Risk
To improve the understanding of groundwater related dike-stability, we performed a global sensitivity analysis on a comprehensive hydro-stability model. Dike stability is mostly dependent on the dike slope, followed by the type of subsurface material. Interaction between the dike and subsurface material is important too, as it influences both groundwater conditions and dike stability directly.

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Poster "Residual Sediment Transport in a Stratified Estuary"

- Rivers2Morrow

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Poster (Engels) "Introduction Trends in Suspended Sediment Fluxes across the Rhine River Basin (1958-2016)"

- Rivers2Morrow


Report Synthesis Rivers2Morrow

- Rivers2Morrow
In this synthesis report, more information can be found regarding the Rivers2Morrow Program and it's projects.

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A regularization strategy for the two-dimensional active layer model

- Rivers2Morrow
We propose a different regularization strategy that guarantees that the two-dimensional active layer model is well-posed. We implement the two-dimensional regularization strategy in Delft30-FM and apply it to an idealized case and a field case.

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Poster "Mid-century Channel Response to Climate Change in the Lower Rhine River"

- Rivers2Morrow

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