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Bank erosion processes measured with UAV-SfM

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Published on 25/10/2018 by Duró, G., Crosato, A., Kleinhans, M. G., & Uijttewaal, W. S. J.

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Gonzalo Duró

Delft University of Technology

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Innovative components

An efficient method to use drones to monitor bank erosion processes in rivers. The possibility to fly over large extensions allows us to survey not only small streambanks but also the banks of wide rivers with complex geometries. Moreover, a detailed resolution of the banks is capable of surveying erosion processes between consecutive campaigns, contributing not only to more accurate quantification of erosion rates but to gain insights on possible erosion drivers. A minimum number of photographs for an effective survey is also identified.

Findings and Implications to practice

Detailed monitoring of restored banks is possible in relative short time compared to previous topographic survey techniques, without losing the necessary precision to capture erosion processes. The photographs taken during the surveys also serve for a visual record of banks, especially relevant to track the development of vegetation. The flexibility of this methodology allows users to measure a wide range of river sizes, from streams to mid-sized rivers such as the Meuse.

Digital topography of restored banks in the Meuse River obtained with photographs from different perspectives and control points on the ground. (Source: Figure 3; Gonzalo et al. 2018)


Journal publication

Duró, G., Crosato, A., Kleinhans, M. G., & Uijttewaal, W. S. J. (2018). Bank erosion processes measured with UAV-SfM along complex banklines of a straight mid-sized river reach. Earth Surface Dynamics, 6(4), 933–953.


Replication dataset

Dateset is available for download in 4TUDataCentrum: Monitoring bank erosion with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) during a low-water event

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