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Morphological patterns at the intake of a side channel over an oblique sill

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Published on 05/09/2018 by de Ruijsscher, T., Naqshband, S., & Hoitink, T.

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Timo de Ruijsscher

Wageningen University & Research

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Qualitative comparison of the bed level in the pilot side channel (7 February 2017) and bed level changes compared to initial flat bed conditions in the scale model at low water level. Blue indicates erosion and red sedimentation. (Source: Figure 5; Ruijsscher et al. 2018)

Innovative components

In the present study, a physical scale model with mobile bed was used to study morphological patterns and discharge division at the entrance of a side channel with upstream sill, as present at longitudinal training dams. The effect of the geometric design of the sill is of special interest, as this might be used in the field to influence the amount of sediment and water flowing into the side channel. Overall, the most dynamically active system, in which deposited material is eroded as much as possible during high flow, is reached when the sill height decreases in downstream direction. From a qualitatively comparison, experimental results compare reasonably well with the bed level measured in the field pilot.

Findings and implications to practice

From experiments with different geometrical designs of the intake of the LTD side channel, it follows that most of sediment that settles in the side channel at low discharge is eroded again at high discharge. The shape of the intake can be used to control how dynamic this behaviour is. Moreover, the discharge through the side channel can be controlled by changing the cross-sectional area over the sill at the side channel intake.

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