Project B

B) Side channels and erosion of natural banks

This project group addresses two main challenges:

  1. the side channels dynamics are studied as extensive erosion or sedimentation would require expensive maintenance.
  2. the local processes governing the rate of bank erosion are assessed in freely erodible vegetated banks.

Both side channels and freely erodible banks can improve ecological diversity and are often constructed as a part of restoration projects. Proper understanding and predictability of the morpho-dynamics are therefore of key importance in their design. At the same time discharge capacity and navigability should be guaranteed, and maintenance efforts should be manageable and cost-effective.

Supervisory team

dr. ir. Astrid Blom

dr. Ralph Schielen

dr. ir. Alessandra Crosato

prof. dr. Maarten Kleinhans

Contributing partners

Rijkswaterstaat Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Royal HaskoningDHV

HKV Consultants

LievenseCSO Infrastructure & Environment

Delft University of Technology

University of Twente

Utrecht University

NWO Applied and Engineering Sciences

Last modified: 04/02/2018

Project leader

Prof. dr. ir. Wim Uijttewaal

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