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Explore the storylines for practice to get a visual overview of the application, example results and new approaches of some of the most promising RiverCare outputs which enable water professionals to address related river management challenges.

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Ecological benefits of a sheltered channel parallel to the main river

The longitudinal dams minimize the effects of commercial navigation to protect the habitat of fish and macroinvertebrates.

Frank Collas

Radboud University Nijmegen

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How uncertain are model predictions of river interventions?

With an interactive explorer, we give you an example of the effects of a river intervention in the Waal river and its model uncertainty.

Koen Berends


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A social network analysis in maintaining Dutch floodplains

Most frequent connections between the organizations involved in flood protection and biodiversity management with and without the main coordinator.

Jan Fliervoet

Radboud University Nijmegen

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How do bends form in peat-land streams?

We propose a conceptual model to explain the origin of bends in peatland streams to better inform stream restoration.

Jasper Candel

Wageningen University & Research

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Biodiversity recovery and flood risk adaptation at delta scale

We calculated biodiversity scores to show the recovery from 15 years flood risk adaptation that consider nature requirements.

Menno Straatsma

Utrecht University

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