How do side channels develop?

Pepijn van Denderen


Side channels are often constructed to reduce flood risk and increase biodiversity. We assess several side channel systems and propose a method to estimate their development. River managers can use these insights to plan design and maintenance efforts.

Data-collection methods: Numerical modeling | Remote sensing |

Management goals: Maintenance Efficiency | Morphological understanding |

Management phase: Problem identification |

Spatial scale: Channel | Section |

Study areas:

Temporal scale: Midterm evolution (10-50 years) | Recent evolution (1-10years) |

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Morphodynamic assessment of side channel systems using a simple one-dimensional bifurcation model and a comparison with aerial images

05/12/2017 by Pepijn van Denderen

Contains: Data repository upon request Journal publication

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01/10/2016 by dr. ir. Astrid Blom

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Side channel design

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