All-Risk final meeting

All-Risk final meeting program

Date: 13 June 2022, 13:30-17:30

Location: Mariënhof, Kleine Haag 2, 3811 Amersfoort

As you already know, All-Risk organises this final meeting to share and discuss the highlights from the research and launch the final book with the legacy of this five years programme (2017-2022). Admission is free and we expect about 50 participants.

Please look at the program below which includes discussion and mentimeter questions on each presentation. For more information about the meeting, please contact:

Day chair: Don de Bake (HKV).

13:30 Opening

13:35 Overview of the All-Risk research (Matthijs Kok)

13:45 From research to practice: looking back and forward (Juliette Cortes, Martijn Vos and Maartje van Dijk)

14:10 Student research on the 2021 summer floods in the Netherlands (Martine Rutten, TUDelft)

14:35 Robust flood defences (Wouter Jan Klerk en Ludolph Wentholt, STOWA)

15:00 Pause

15:30 Stakeholder engagement in the Flood Protection Programme (Emma Avoyan)

15:50 Double dikes (Richard Marijnissen and Kees de Jong, Noorderzijlvest Waterschap)

16:15 Future of the flood defences (Richard Jorissen, RWS)

16:45 Closure and drinks

Meanwhile we finally meet in person...

Download and look at the All-Risk book here in Dutch!

The book starts out by sketching the technical and legal implications of the new risk-based approach, and its associated challenges and opportunities. Separate chapters then address the five All-Risk themes, ranging from the risk framework to the legal implementation. The text summarises the main outcomes of 15 individual PhD projects from researchers working in five universities, together with over 30 partners from the government, research institutes, NGOs and the private sector. The focus lies on their innovative contributions and recommendations. Each chapter further includes storylines of case study applications and concludes with reflections from webinar discussions between representatives from research and practice.

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