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Get an overview of the RiverCare organization and our related initiatives.

The Rivercare project runs between 2014 and 2019 and is one of the largest programs of the Netherlands organization for scientific research (NWO). Within RiverCare, several parties work together to monitor the consequences of recent interventions in Dutch rivers.

Part of the researchers and supervisors group in the first RiverCare meeting in 2015.

Our team

We are a group of 16 PhD-students, 3 postdocs and 2 junior researchers working and supervised at 5 different universities in The Netherlands.
Researchers are working in multiple disciplines (e.g. hydraulic engineering, geomorphology, ecology and environmental management) grouped into 8 project themes, each with a user committee.

During the program duration, user committee meetings take place every six months. This is to ensure that the RiverCare researchers and supervisors meet regularly with the more than 20 partners of government organizations, research institutes and consultancies.

We join and organize several events to discuss our work with the scientific and professional communities. We further contribute to the Netherlands Centre for River studies and other related initiatives and platforms to increase the accessibility of our knowledge to a wider audience and to get our methods and tools into the work practices of potential users.

Program coordinators

Prof. dr. S.J.M.H. Hulscher

dr. Ralph Schielen

dr. ir. Denie Augustijn

Rivercare partners

Find out which partners contribute to develop RiverCare knowledge.


Our collaborations

Explore the experiences and outputs of the RiverCare teams' work with other programs and initiatives.


Related websites

Explore the several platforms and related websites which we contribute to.


Partners of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR), the Dutch Science foundation and several public and private parties initiated and funded the RiverCare program. A total of 5 universities, 2 government organizations, 3 research institutes and 8 consultancies actively contribute to RiverCare projects through the user committees. Moreover, 3 international organizations were involved as external advisors during the mid-term of the program.

Financing organization

Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

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The Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation stimulates the upgrowth in the fields of water-quantity, the water-quality of water bodies and of flood protection.

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Department of Water Engineering and Department of management and Industrial Design Engineering

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Delft University of Technology. Department of Hydraulic Engineering

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Department of Physical Geography

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Institute for Water and Wetland Research and Institute for Science, Innovation and Society

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Department of Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management and Department of Soil Geography and Landscape

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Research Institutes

Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA. The knowledge center of the Dutch water boards.

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National Institute for Public Health and the Enviroment. Minsty of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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Independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface

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Government organizations

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

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Province of Gelderland that is located in the central eastern part of Netherlands.

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Design and consultancy for natural and built assets.

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International engineering and project management consultancy leading the way in sustainable development and innovation.

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Engineering and Consulting with sustainable solutions for today's challenges

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Expert advice and research in the field of water and safety

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Research and advice consultancy working in the fields of ecology, nature, the environment and landscape design.

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A multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm in the fields of construction, infrastructure, water and the environment.

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The Tygron Platform provides a powerful tool to explore various scenarios and involve stakeholders.

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Game based learning solutions for professionals to unleash the leadership potential of your organization.

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International organizations

German Federal Institute of Hydrology

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Federal waterways Engineering and Research Institute

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Building and maintaining America’s infrastructure and military facilties with environmental sustainability as a guiding principle.

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We are a multi-disciplinary program that recognizes the importance as well as the challenges of joining efforts between research and practice in working towards sustainable management. Whenever possible, we joined efforts between the multiple RiverCare projects and collaborated with other programs and initiatives.

This website gives an overview of our work and outputs, so that we can share experiences with professionals interested in developing more sustainable river management practices in the Netherlands and abroad. The new insights, methods and tools might be useful in other countries and regions and we are eager to discover that with you.

Explore the blogs below to learn more about the experiences and outputs of work conducted between RiverCare projects and with other programs or initiatives.

Behind the scenes

To better understand river management challenges, we learned from the practical experiences of partner organizations. RiverCare visit to the longitudinal training dams construction (April/2015).


We had regular updates between project themes to combine our expertise in developing methods together or using each other’s outputs. RiverCare day to foster collaboration between projects (June/2017).

Blogs about collaborations

The rivers of the future initiative is taken up

30/01/2018 by dr. Ralph Schielen

RiverCare is now well on its course and is delivering great results. Rijkswaterstaat is involved in all user committees and tries to incorporate the...

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PlanSmart + RiverCare = Smart River Symposium

In order to exchange experiences between the two projects, researchers of the German PlanSmart project and the Dutch RiverCare project, as well as invited guests met on the 19th and 20th of June 2018 in Hannover.

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We communicate our progress, post the latest outputs and contribute to the following online platforms and related initiatives to reach a wide audience and to increase the impact of our research.

Dutch platforms

The latest facts about climate and water management in the Netherlands. RiverCare will contribute with one factsheet about the overall outputs.

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Platform for water and climate solutions each with information about the showcases, involved parties and success conditions. The longitudinal dams that RiverCare studies is one of the showcases.

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Platform that supports water professionals by making available articles and interviews about water and delta. RiverCare contributes with an article for the main locations that we studied.

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The Atlas of Natural Capital (ANK) is a platform that provides tools for policy and society to working more efficiently in tune with ecosystem services. RiverCare contributes with the results about biodiversity recovery and ecosystem services.

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Related initiatives

Research group from the University of Leibniz (Hannover in Germany) exploring innovative approaches for planning and implementing nature-based solutions in river basins and urban regions.

Dutch initiative looking for concrete and smart collaborations, based on the potential of the river area to achieve affordable, reliable and sustainable management of the river system.

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Worldwide platforms

European platform bringing together information, data and results of many projects dealing with freshwater ecosystems in one a single platform. Our RiverCare website is listed as one of the research projects.

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ResearchGate is a social networking site for researchers where we share our papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators. RiverCare uploads their publications to share them with other researchers,

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