Baseline perceptions of water-based recreationists before the construction of the longitudinal training dams

Waal river landscape in the study area, showing both a traditional groyne and a commercial vessel passing through. Source:, Rijkswaterstaat / Harry van Reeken.


This study concerns an innovative project in the Dutch river Waal: the construction of longitudinal dams. By splitting the river into a main and secondary channel, these dams significantly impact the river landscape and the way it is used by different stakeholders. We report the results of a baseline study of the expectations local water-based recreationists (fishermen and boaters) had of the longitudinal dams before they were constructed. In addition, we explore their levels of place attachment, and use the visions of nature approach to elicit their lay philosophy of nature. We found that fishermen were more strongly attached to the area than boaters. Though expectations of the dams were generally negative, this differed significantly between fishermen and boaters, and between different dimensions of landscape change. We demonstrate the relevance of place attachment and visions of nature for understanding how recreationists perceive landscape change.

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Ganzevoort, W., & van den Born, R. J. G. (2018). Exploring place attachment and visions of nature of water-based recreationists: the case of the longitudinal dams. Landscape Research, 1–13.


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This datasets concern local stakeholders’ perceptions and their expectations with respect to the construction of longitudinal dams in the Dutch river Waal. Dataset has restricted access to protect the privacy of participants.


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