Explaining artificial side channel dynamics using data analysis and model calculations


  • Artificial side channels in the river Waal show aggradation.
  • The artificial side channels fill mainly with suspended bed-material load.
  • The deposition of fines occurs in the channel with the smallest bed shear stresses.
  • A more frequent flowing side channel results in lower aggradation rates.

Images show the Gameren location in the floodplain of the river Waal in the Netherlands. The aerial image shows the three side channels and the main channel. The black crosses in the aerial image denote the location of the sediment cores that we compared to the hydrodynamic model outputs. (Source: Figure 1 of van Denderen et al. 2018)



Journal publication

van Denderen, R. P., Schielen, R. M. J., Westerhof, S. G., Quartel, S., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2019). Explaining artificial side channel dynamics using data analysis and model calculations. Geomorphology, 327, 93–110. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geomorph.2018.10.016

Replication dataset

Dateset is available for download in 4TUDataCentrum https://doi.org/10.4121/uuid:2704f813-d23b-43b5-b837-fdb02ceef261.

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