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Insight into the local bed-level dynamics to assist management of multi-funtional rivers

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Published on 11/02/2021 by van Denderen, R. P., Paarlberg, A. J., Augustijn, D. C. M., & Schielen, R. M. J.

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Pepijn van Denderen

University of Twente

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The relation between the dynamic component of the river bed level and MGD locations

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River discharge fluctuations cause bed-level variations at various scales, resulting from spatial gradients in the river’s geometry. Insight into these bed-level variations and their relation to discharge fluctuations can help to predict and prevent the formation of local bottlenecks. In this paper, we use bi-weekly bed-level measurements of the river Waal to estimate the bed-level variations related to the river discharge and show a relation between these bed-level variations and the formation of bottlenecks for shipping.

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Disentangling spatial scales of morphological development

The river bed continuously changes on various spatial and temporal scales. Migrating river dunes are an example of local and relatively fast change. At the same time, engineering measures from the last decades cause the river bed to degrade to the present date. To be able to predict the development of the river bed, it is important to distinguish between and disentangle the various spatial and temporal scales.

13/02/2020 by Pepijn van Denderen et al.

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