Registration for the final symposium

Date: 20 June 2019, 9:30-17:00

RiverCare organizes this final Symposium to share and discuss the main lessons and findings from this five-years program (2014-2019).
Fill in the registration form to join event. Admission is free and we expect about 150 participants.

Explore the preliminary program below and download here its Dutch version.
The official language of the symposium is Dutch but the posters will be available in English.
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Opening and keynote

Day chair Harm Albert Zanting (Arcadis)

9:30 Welcome with coffee/tea

10:00 Opening – Suzanne Hulscher

10:05 Roadmap of the day – Ralph Schielen & Denie Augustijn

10:15 Keynote – Richard Jorissen (Rijkswaterstaat)

The day is organized in sessions around four themes. Each session consists of pitches by the researchers, a synthesis by a project leader and an interactive panel discussion led by the day chair. During the panel discussions the day chair will seek interaction with the audience in various ways.

Theme 1: lessons from interventions

10:40 Insights in morphological and ecological effects of longitudinal training dams (Project A), development of side channels, erosion of river banks (Project B) and developments in morphodynamic modelling (Project D).

Photo: Example of one of the interventions studied. View of a longitudinal dam by Frank Collas.

11:40 Break

Theme 2: lessons from regional water systems

12:00 Insights in lateral migration of streams, interaction of streams and rivers, backwater effects upstream of wood and bends and the effects on groundwater (Project C).

Photo: Example of one of the river systems studied along the river Vecht (Source: RiverCare excursion in April 2015).

12:45 Lunch and posters session

Theme 3: Ecosystem services and river governance

14:00 Insights in spatiotemporal development of vegetation in floodplains, quantification of ecosystem services, methods to monitor floodplains (Project E). In addition, this theme gives insights about uncertainty estimation, measuring landscape value, collaborative interactions in Dutch floodplain maintenance (Project F).

Photo: Example of a floodplain rehabilitation project along the Waal river that consists of a natural bank at the Ewijkse floodplain (Source: RiverCare excursion in April 2015).

15:00 Break

Theme 4: Applications and communication

15.30 Tools to support discussions at the science-practice interface (Project G) and to evaluate river interventions in the Netherlands and abroad (Project H).

Photo: Discussion about the valorization of ecosystem services that was held during a mid-term RiverCare dissemination event in November 2016.

16:30 Closure – Suzanne Hulscher

17:00 Drinks

Address Fort Lent: Bemmelsedijk 4 , 6663 KZ Lent near Nijmegen.

The age-old historical defense work was chosen as venue for the Symposium. The fort is located on the north bank of the Waal river near Nijmegen. Explore the map below to define the easiest route for you to reach the location.

If arriving by car: There is a free parking location.

If arriving with public transportation: The nearest bus station (Eikenlaan Lent) is at 8 minutes walking distance.

For more information about the event or the location, please contact:

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