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RiverCare was featured on the DeltaLink edition about rivers

Posted at 01/10/2016 by dr. ir. Astrid Blom

The Room for the River programme aimed at increasing flood safety by creating space for water. However, when considering integrated management, there are other aspects to take into account such as biodiversity and navigability.

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dr. ir. Astrid Blom

TU Delft related RiverCare researchers. (Source: DeltaLinks | October 2016)

DeltaLink features recent TUDelft research in the Flows platform. Every edition is a combination of articles written in English and Dutch and it is released every three months. RiverCare contributed to the October/2016 DeltaLink with the following articles:

  •  RiverCare for long-term effect of river projects:  This article highlights the projects carried out by Victor Chavarrias, Pepijn van Denderen, Liselot Arkesteijn and Gonzalo Durò that are  accordingly studying the modelling of river measures, the dynamics of side channels and erosion of natural banks.
  • Bed degradation in the Rhine river:  Due to training works the bed elevation in the upstream Dutch Rhine delta has decreased by 1 to 2 meters over the past century. Astrid Blom discusses the physical mechanisms of the bed degradation, as well as the role of sediment nourishment, Room for the River measures, and sea level rise. This article is also available in Dutch .
  • Other projects with English highlights are:

    • The role of vegetation in small river morphology
    • A flood defense made of glass
    • Using volunteer’s information for proactive inspection of hydraulic structures
    • Appling 3Di in the Philippines
    • Inflatable hydraulic structures
    • Ecosystem services of a mega-noursihment

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