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Follow the pretty pebbles

Posted at 01/06/2017 by Victor Chavarrias

Victor's research aims at predicting how the river will behave if water management authorities consider to add sand to the river.

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Victor Chavarrias

Delft University of Technology

Source: TU Delft / Frank Auperle

Victor Chavarrias was featured by the TUDelft to explain for everyone who wants to know his research about the degradation of the river Rhine and the effects of adding sand to the river to recover the original river bed level. Although there are models to predict the behaviour of sediment in the river bed. In order to better answer questions such as: how much sand do we need to deposit? Where should we put it? How often do we need to repeat the process? and where does the sand end up?, such models need to be improved for example by considering the movement of sediment mixtures of different size. Victor simulates in the lab situations in which the actual models do not work to watch what happens and try to understand how to better adapt the models. Read the full articles in the TUDelft stories of science.

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