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In memoriam of those who once contributed to RiverCare

Posted at 11/06/2018 by dr. ir. Denie Augustijn

In a four years period (2014-2019), there have been certainly many people who contributed to our work. However in 2018, two people passed away who have been valuable and inspirational for the RiverCare programme.

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dr. ir. Denie Augustijn

University of Twente

Left: Sjoerd Dirksen (Bureau Waardenburg, Culemborg, Netherlands) and Right: Geoffrey Petts (University of Westminster, London, UK)

On September 4, 2018, Sjoerd Dirksen a respected ornithologist died at the age of 59. He worked at Bureau Waardenburg during the proposal phase of the RiverCare programme. In 2014 he started his own company and was not actively involved in RiverCare anymore, but we want to acknowledge the efforts he made to involve Bureau Waardenburg in RiverCare, which have actively contributed to the project about Ecosystem services and Floodplain rehabilitation.

On August 11, 2018, Geoffrey Petts,  an outstanding scientist in the field of Ecohydraulics died at the age of 65. Many of you will have read some of his papers. He was founding editor of River Research and Applications. In a virtual issue of this journal dedicated to him you can find some of his important contributions. In 2014, at the start of the RiverCare programme, he gave a very inspirational keynote at the NCR-days in Enschede.

The above reserchers recognized that multi-disciplinary understanding is the key to developing sustainable solutions to river management problems which philosophy formes the basis for RiverCare. Thereby, we carried many field visits and joint research activities to learn from each other’s discipline as well as from related project examples (see photo). Thank you for inspiring our work!

RiverCare visit to the Ewijkse Plaat to learn from the experience of a floodplain rehabilitation project early in 2015.

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