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ITV Border Special Report: Living with the River

Posted at 18/02/2016 by Prof. dr. ir. Ton Hoitink

British TV visited the longitudinal dams pilot in The Netherlands, to find out about how the Dutch better protect their communities from flood in the future.

RiverCare contributor

Prof. dr. ir. Ton Hoitink

The storms that hit across large part of Scotland in December 2015, sparked much debate about how best to protect our communities from further flooding in the future. There’s a growing feeling that building bigger flood defences to protect what we have isn’t the answer… As part of her three part special report about “Living with the River”, Hannah McNulty, correspondent of the British channel ITV, visited in The Netherlands the longitudinal dams that were built along the river Waal and the Laboratory for Water and Sediment Dynamics Research in the Wageningen University. Prof. dr. ir. Ton Hoiting was featured in the¬†Environmental Fluid Mechanics lab to briefly talk about RiverCare efforts.

Special TV report

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